Fire Hydrant Boosting Compliance

Maintenance schedules

Fire hydrant systems form part of a building’s prescribed fire safety installations and they are required to be maintained in accordance with division 3 of the Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008 (Qld) and Building Regulation 2006 (Vic)  Adequate testing and maintenance can highlight design and installation faults, leading to their correction and ensuring that the system is functional and reliable.

We offer a full inspection, testing and maintenance service for any property that requires certification. Fire services are required to be inspected and tested at regular intervals, dependent upon the equipment installed within your property, in accordance with the AS1851 maintenance schedule. Most properties require at least 2 inspections per year, once every 6 months. The Biannual (6 monthly) inspection does not require a certificate for Council, but is a required inspection under the Australian Standards as it forms part of the whole annual certification process.

The owner of a building is required to ensure that it complies with the building development approval. This includes special fire services such as fire hydrants and sprinklers systems that were required to be installed to meet the requirements of the relevant Building Code. Under the BA, the QFES has a role to play in assisting in the testing, inspection and monitoring of maintenance of fire hydrants and sprinklers. For example, a QFES officer may witness a test, which may occur during
an inspection of all other systems.

Australian Standard (AS) 2419.1—Fire hydrant installations and AS 1851-2012 do not explain how the test should be performed. Therefore to ensure accuracy and consistency throughout the state, the procedure stated in Item 5 – Most hydraulically disadvantaged hydrant shall be conducted at all times when flow and pressure tests are carried out.

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